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Our Services

Year Round Service to cover all your needs:

* Weekly grass cutting    
* Weekly trimming            
* General debris pick-up       
* Power blow steps, sidewalks and driveway before we leave
* Same day service every week (weather permitting)

Spring & Fall Clean-Up

Spring Clean-Up is done in April & May;     Fall Clean-Up is started on October 15th

* Clean-up yard of branches, leaves, litter and debris
* Power blow out all shrubs and flowerbeds
* Power brush the boulevard – remove sand & gravel
* Power rake the lawn  (Please mark your sprinkler heads before service) 
* Vacuum up all grass and leaves from the entire property 
* Power blow steps, sidewalks, driveway when we’re finished               
‚Äč* Then we put the garbage at the curb with a smile   (We will take it with us depending on the city bylaw)

Snow Removal

(November 1 – March 31)

Your monthly fee will keep your walkways and driveway safe and clear of snow all winter long

Other Regular Services